Sunday, January 1, 2012

Without Paypal [Global]

credits jjengo
Another Way to Earn
Instead of earning with paypal, why not settle with gift-cards and other rewards instead?

The Works
This is another survey site that pays for your opinions. The difference here is that the payments are done in gift-cards which are very nice too ^^

What is a Survey Site?
It is basically a fill in the bubble opinion sheet.
All you have to do is simply bubble in your thoughts of what you are viewing.
In return, companies are willing to pay you for your valuable opinions.

How to Sign Up?
Here is the link to the side.
You'll be taken to a map with many different countries. If your country is accepted, then you'll be able to register.

US Exception
If you live in the United States, the sign-ups are slightly changed.
You'll be needing a referral link. Simply comment below or shoot me an email at and I'll return back with a link.

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