Monday, January 2, 2012

Surf For Cash

Surf For Cash

Surf for cash? 
Why surf, when I can get paid for cpu cycles?

What is A Get Paid for Cpu Cycles Program?

A program that pays you to be online.
Unlike programs that are surf for cash, this requires no effort at all.

What is exactly happening? I'm getting Paid For Cpu Cycles?

The main concept behind paid for cpu cycles is that it will utilize some of your computer's unused resources. Nothing too deleterious here, as the computer isn't harmed or slowed in any way. If you are worried about your privacy, their policy promises that no information is revealed in using the program.

Idle Cpu Cycles = $
The Catch

Surf for Cash or Paid for Cpu Cycles aren't the greatest money makers.

For myself, I am mainly on the internet for about an hour or two a day.
That alone earns me a rough estimate of $5 a month.
But what the heck, this is getting paid for having the computer on. Which is too easy...

If you are on more hours of the day, it is VERY likely you'll earn more then $5 a month and much more than me haha.

If you leave your computer on all day, I HIGHLY suggest that you do try out this program

How To Make The Most of It
-Stay Online Longer
-Put it on other computers that you use.

The Program

Gomez-Peer is the current program that I am using. It's really simple, just download and go. Maybe one question is asked like "How much memory would you like to use?" For myself, I set it to max because it will give the most money, and I hardly do notice it working the background.

The minimum is $5 for Paypal ONLY.
International Users Are Accepted.

How To Start 

1. Register Here
2. Download their background timer program
3. Install
4. Done

Bigger Picture here of what it looks like

After you have looked at the picture, you will notice that I have made a total of $20!
Which isn't that bad at all! (Update, it is at $40+, sweet!)

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