Monday, January 2, 2012

Search Engine That Pays

A Search Engine That Pays
Google Sucks...moving onto a new one.
Have you ever thought to yourself, Google is getting rich off your searches?
Probably not.

Have you ever thought that you could be making money off your web searches?
Wait a second...I could?

What is Swagbucks?
A special search engine that pays you to use them.
(Powered by Google & Ask)

But what makes it special?
The site's owner is not being greedy like Google, as he is instead willing to split some of his profit with you.
In other words, it is a search engine that pays you to search.
(I have to say that's pretty cool)

The Point System
The site uses a point system called swagbucks. This is basically the site's currency. Throughout the day, your searches is what makes you swagbucks.

How long does it take?
Well, it depends what you want. Pokemon cards? Gift Cards? The list is endless.

The average Swagbuck user earns about 1350 swagbucks a month.
That is the equivalent of $15 a month, and $180 a year.

$5 Ultimate Game Card [550 pts] can be easily earned in 1-2 weeks.
$10 Rixty Gift-Card [1,175 pts] can be easily earned in 3-4 weeks.
There are many other prizes/gift-cards to choose from, as these are some common examples.

The values of money may be small but,
Look at the bright side; it's money that you COULD be gaining from Google!

Do you have proof? I don't believe you.
Here is my personal gift-card that I have redeemed previously.
It came in my e-mail about ten days later.
(Amazon is my favorite <3)


So what now? 
My highest suggestion is to start off by registering here.
Once you have done that, I suggest right away that you download the add-on plugin for your browser (found on the site), it will make life immensely easier.

A nice tip:
Whenever you need to visit a site, search it on swagbucks.
For example: I need to check my email. I search and then click it.
Something that I ought share.

Mission Complete!
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