Monday, January 2, 2012

Paid Online Writing

Making Money Through Writing Articles

credits to BenHeine
My pencil can only write so much.
As I place my pencil on the paper, I let it slide around making wondrous shapes.
I enjoy writing, it is fun, it is something I love to do.

Does that sound like you?
If it does, here's a brilliant idea for you.

Writing that Pays 
Currently there are few sites out there that are willing to host your work and compensate you for your hard-written work. It may sound good at first but let's continue.

What Content will I be Writing?
Basically, informative writing of all types.
It is actually quite broad and you are allow to write about most things but you cannot be writing fiction stories of happy happy fantasy stuff.
One example for me, I enjoy write about food health and obvious money-making articles, so that works out completely fine.

How Much will I be Paid?
Mainly the successful and experienced writer will be making the most dough.
However, you can grab a good amount of pocket money depending on how much you write and how good your quality is. It is actually not too bad.

What if I already have a blog, website, or etc?
Ah, I do too, as you can see here. I simply just copy and paste my articles to these new sites and simply link them all to my blog here. It just brings more exposure to all my sites ^^ (while making the extra bonus money for the new sites.)

Where can I start?
Here are some sites that are currently easy to use and also easy to begin writing.
Squidoo sign-up link [easiest to start]
Hubpages sign-up link [pays more, requires google-adsense, easy to make though]

Design Samples

Method of Payment
Paypal only~!

Soon to come, yahoo voices.

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