Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to Earn With Surveys

Free Online Paid Surveys
Yes, no, YES, NO! Check, check, check!
I don't care, actually I do! Just give me the money!

-Free online paid survey at it's best.

What is a Survey?
It is basically a fill in the bubble opinion sheet.
All you have to do is simply bubble in your thoughts of the product in question.
In return, companies are willing to give you cash for your valuable opinions.

Paid Online Survey Inside Look

Gift cards, paypal, checks, or even prizes. (Varies from site to site)

Each survey on average is worth $1 to $5
Highest I've done is $50

Age Limit
Preferably at least 13 years.
(A fake age is possible too, if you like)

How to qualify for a survey?
Just show interest in your topic.

How often do you watch Nascar?
Almost all the time!
(That's obviously a lie)

Further Tips to maximize can be found here

What now?
Check out the "List of Surveys" on your left.

Any Questions?
Feel free to comment below.

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