Friday, January 13, 2012

Unique Ways to Make Money Online - Home

Unique Ways to Make Money Online
credits to sillypepper
Hello peeps,


The Answer :
How do people make money online? There are actually countless ways to make money online but very few are worth doing or are scam-free.

Question 2:
Wait...your telling me. They are legit ways to make money online?!

Answer 2:
In fact, there is!
Personally, I know the feeling of having an empty wallet (student here). However, that hasn't stopped me from making this blog. As a result, I have made this blog purely for everyone to share and view.

Question 3:
Oh nice! What have you gotten so far?

Answer 3:
-Gift cards [Ultimate Game Card, Amazon, Xbox, itunes and more!]
-Paypal Money

Question 4:
Hmm, where do I start?

Answer 4:
The easiest and most popular method is the Search Engine that Pays!
This is currently accessible for all ages that involve only a search engine!
If a caveman can do it, then you can too.

Need Help or Have Any Suggestions?
Try clicking on the help or suggestion tab at the top of the page. I am here to help and also answer any questions you may have.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Health Fast Facts

I am currently a student studying in biology.
I tend to write fast health facts articles for my own reference and also to share.

So here you go.
Something interesting to read ^^

Tips For A Better Performing Brain
Healthy Brain Food
more to come...(currently enrolled in development psychology class)

My Deviant-Art
For my journal entries, drafts, and few arts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


credits to turtlelover1992

Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you!
No you can't. Yes, I can. No you can't. YES I CAN ***** CAUSE I GOT PAYPAL!

Why Do I Need Paypal?
You don't need to have it, but it is a major plus in using this site. If you have paypal, you can basically do almost everything on this site.
For international users, it is one of those things that is a must-have! Since most payments for international is through paypal only.

Can I trust Paypal?
Paypal is a renown company world-wide. Countless of people use it to purchase things overseas. In fact, it is one of the most used methods in handling international transactions for people like you and me.

What are the requirements for Paypal?
You will need a type of banking account, debit or a credit card, any is fine.
Without it, then you're out of luck.

Are there any fees?
No, there are none or very little.
You must be doing something crazy to get a fee though.

Where do I sign up?

A Favor...? Maybe =D

I've been working hard to upkeep and maintain this blog.
Maybe you should do a favor because your so awesome! =D

Just a small one, nothing much.

I would appreciate any google followers or Google +1 on some of the articles on this site =)
or a simply bookmark is also fine too!


Another line because I do not know how to categorize my articles TT_TT

Monday, January 2, 2012

Paid Online Writing

Making Money Through Writing Articles

credits to BenHeine
My pencil can only write so much.
As I place my pencil on the paper, I let it slide around making wondrous shapes.
I enjoy writing, it is fun, it is something I love to do.

Does that sound like you?
If it does, here's a brilliant idea for you.

Writing that Pays 
Currently there are few sites out there that are willing to host your work and compensate you for your hard-written work. It may sound good at first but let's continue.

What Content will I be Writing?
Basically, informative writing of all types.
It is actually quite broad and you are allow to write about most things but you cannot be writing fiction stories of happy happy fantasy stuff.
One example for me, I enjoy write about food health and obvious money-making articles, so that works out completely fine.

How Much will I be Paid?
Mainly the successful and experienced writer will be making the most dough.
However, you can grab a good amount of pocket money depending on how much you write and how good your quality is. It is actually not too bad.

What if I already have a blog, website, or etc?
Ah, I do too, as you can see here. I simply just copy and paste my articles to these new sites and simply link them all to my blog here. It just brings more exposure to all my sites ^^ (while making the extra bonus money for the new sites.)

Where can I start?
Here are some sites that are currently easy to use and also easy to begin writing.
Squidoo sign-up link [easiest to start]
Hubpages sign-up link [pays more, requires google-adsense, easy to make though]

Design Samples

Method of Payment
Paypal only~!

Soon to come, yahoo voices.

Surf For Cash

Surf For Cash

Surf for cash? 
Why surf, when I can get paid for cpu cycles?

What is A Get Paid for Cpu Cycles Program?

A program that pays you to be online.
Unlike programs that are surf for cash, this requires no effort at all.

What is exactly happening? I'm getting Paid For Cpu Cycles?

The main concept behind paid for cpu cycles is that it will utilize some of your computer's unused resources. Nothing too deleterious here, as the computer isn't harmed or slowed in any way. If you are worried about your privacy, their policy promises that no information is revealed in using the program.

Idle Cpu Cycles = $
The Catch

Surf for Cash or Paid for Cpu Cycles aren't the greatest money makers.

For myself, I am mainly on the internet for about an hour or two a day.
That alone earns me a rough estimate of $5 a month.
But what the heck, this is getting paid for having the computer on. Which is too easy...

If you are on more hours of the day, it is VERY likely you'll earn more then $5 a month and much more than me haha.

If you leave your computer on all day, I HIGHLY suggest that you do try out this program

How To Make The Most of It
-Stay Online Longer
-Put it on other computers that you use.

The Program

Gomez-Peer is the current program that I am using. It's really simple, just download and go. Maybe one question is asked like "How much memory would you like to use?" For myself, I set it to max because it will give the most money, and I hardly do notice it working the background.

The minimum is $5 for Paypal ONLY.
International Users Are Accepted.

How To Start 

1. Register Here
2. Download their background timer program
3. Install
4. Done

Bigger Picture here of what it looks like

After you have looked at the picture, you will notice that I have made a total of $20!
Which isn't that bad at all! (Update, it is at $40+, sweet!)

Search Engine That Pays

A Search Engine That Pays
Google Sucks...moving onto a new one.
Have you ever thought to yourself, Google is getting rich off your searches?
Probably not.

Have you ever thought that you could be making money off your web searches?
Wait a second...I could?

What is Swagbucks?
A special search engine that pays you to use them.
(Powered by Google & Ask)

But what makes it special?
The site's owner is not being greedy like Google, as he is instead willing to split some of his profit with you.
In other words, it is a search engine that pays you to search.
(I have to say that's pretty cool)

The Point System
The site uses a point system called swagbucks. This is basically the site's currency. Throughout the day, your searches is what makes you swagbucks.

How long does it take?
Well, it depends what you want. Pokemon cards? Gift Cards? The list is endless.

The average Swagbuck user earns about 1350 swagbucks a month.
That is the equivalent of $15 a month, and $180 a year.

$5 Ultimate Game Card [550 pts] can be easily earned in 1-2 weeks.
$10 Rixty Gift-Card [1,175 pts] can be easily earned in 3-4 weeks.
There are many other prizes/gift-cards to choose from, as these are some common examples.

The values of money may be small but,
Look at the bright side; it's money that you COULD be gaining from Google!

Do you have proof? I don't believe you.
Here is my personal gift-card that I have redeemed previously.
It came in my e-mail about ten days later.
(Amazon is my favorite <3)


So what now? 
My highest suggestion is to start off by registering here.
Once you have done that, I suggest right away that you download the add-on plugin for your browser (found on the site), it will make life immensely easier.

A nice tip:
Whenever you need to visit a site, search it on swagbucks.
For example: I need to check my email. I search and then click it.
Something that I ought share.

Mission Complete!
Sent from my ipod.


I am a line, that is all.
I do not know how to categorized my posts =/

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Without Paypal [Global]

credits jjengo
Another Way to Earn
Instead of earning with paypal, why not settle with gift-cards and other rewards instead?

The Works
This is another survey site that pays for your opinions. The difference here is that the payments are done in gift-cards which are very nice too ^^

What is a Survey Site?
It is basically a fill in the bubble opinion sheet.
All you have to do is simply bubble in your thoughts of what you are viewing.
In return, companies are willing to pay you for your valuable opinions.

How to Sign Up?
Here is the link to the side.
You'll be taken to a map with many different countries. If your country is accepted, then you'll be able to register.

US Exception
If you live in the United States, the sign-ups are slightly changed.
You'll be needing a referral link. Simply comment below or shoot me an email at and I'll return back with a link.

List of Surveys [Global]

Before You Start Looking Here. 

I hope you already visit the "How to Earn with Surveys" page.
That will teach you everything you'll need before-hand!

Method of Payment: Paypal

Info: Pretty easy-going site. It offers surveys once in a while.
Location: Pretty much anywhere

Proof of Payment 1 

Global Test Market

Method of Payment: Paypal only

Info: This is another great site that I have stumbled across.
Location: Pretty much anywhere.

(and no, I am not Mr. Stonibert Lim)

Method of Payment: Paypal only

Info: Pretty simple site, I even saw little kids doing this.
Location: Check Out The Map If Your On Here

Proof of Payment:
Proof of Payment 2:

Sign up Link: (You will need flip through the pages until you find your area)
Sign up Link for Indonesia

Special Contribution: Thanks for Aquatorrent from TM for verifying the site's legitimacy & safety. 

List of Surveys [US]


Proof of Payment

Methods of Payments
Rixty, gift-cards, paypal, and a variety of other things.

Info: This site offers quite a bunch of surveys every so often. At the moment this site offers the most actual life-like surveys such as viewing pizza hut commercials or commenting on toothbrushes. I recommend this site the most for all ages!

Sign up Link:

Since I cannot put up a direct link, I have to send it by e-mail.
I don't bite so don't be afraid to send an email ^^

If you wish to receive a referral link just shoot me an email to or you can comment below.
SurveySavvy & Mindfield Online 

Method of Payment: 
Checks or Paypal

Pretty easy-going sites. 
I prefer surveysavvy slightly more because that have more surveys than mindfield though.

Sign up Link (survey savvy)
Sign up Link 2 (mindfield online) 
Global Test Market

Method of Payment: Paypal only

This is another great site that I have stumbled across. What makes it better that this is also international!

(and no, I am not Mr. Stonibert Lim T_T)

Pinecone Research

Proof of Payment

Method Of Payment:
Check by mail or paypal.

Currently one of my favorite sites.
This site offers bi-weekly surveys all worth $3.

Sign up Link:
Currently my invite link has expired.
If you wish to look for this site, just google it.

How to Earn With Surveys

Free Online Paid Surveys
Yes, no, YES, NO! Check, check, check!
I don't care, actually I do! Just give me the money!

-Free online paid survey at it's best.

What is a Survey?
It is basically a fill in the bubble opinion sheet.
All you have to do is simply bubble in your thoughts of the product in question.
In return, companies are willing to give you cash for your valuable opinions.

Paid Online Survey Inside Look

Gift cards, paypal, checks, or even prizes. (Varies from site to site)

Each survey on average is worth $1 to $5
Highest I've done is $50

Age Limit
Preferably at least 13 years.
(A fake age is possible too, if you like)

How to qualify for a survey?
Just show interest in your topic.

How often do you watch Nascar?
Almost all the time!
(That's obviously a lie)

Further Tips to maximize can be found here

What now?
Check out the "List of Surveys" on your left.

Any Questions?
Feel free to comment below.