Sunday, January 1, 2012

List of Surveys [Global]

Before You Start Looking Here. 

I hope you already visit the "How to Earn with Surveys" page.
That will teach you everything you'll need before-hand!

Method of Payment: Paypal

Info: Pretty easy-going site. It offers surveys once in a while.
Location: Pretty much anywhere

Proof of Payment 1 

Global Test Market

Method of Payment: Paypal only

Info: This is another great site that I have stumbled across.
Location: Pretty much anywhere.

(and no, I am not Mr. Stonibert Lim)

Method of Payment: Paypal only

Info: Pretty simple site, I even saw little kids doing this.
Location: Check Out The Map If Your On Here

Proof of Payment:
Proof of Payment 2:

Sign up Link: (You will need flip through the pages until you find your area)
Sign up Link for Indonesia

Special Contribution: Thanks for Aquatorrent from TM for verifying the site's legitimacy & safety. 

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